I AM writing to agree with the letters about Creamfields – to an extent (Warrington Guardian, August 29).

I am a pensioner and it was indeed a real noise on every night of the weekend.

I thought the foundations of my house might be uprooted by the noise!

But is it right to complain and write angry letters to the Warrington Guardian?

In my opinion, no it is not.

We were all young once.

I am sure I did plenty of things and took part in plenty of events which were a slight inconvenience to others.

I would have loved to have something like that in town when I was younger.

Indeed it would be fair to say I would have been there every year.

So let the young people have some fun.

It is only once a year and we can catch up on sleep quickly.

Also, this must bring a good amount of money to the town for shops and taxis.

So more power to Creamfields.

We need more events like this for young people.

We always moan there is not enough for them to do. Then when something is put on, people complain too.

NORA BARNES Grappenhall