I HAVE to agree with much of the content of Brian Spencer’s letter in last week’s Warrington Guardian.

I appreciate Warrington have been a lot in recent times, but to see the vast rows of empty seats when the two best teams (and two of the best supported ones at that) were playing was disappointing.

The contrast with 2009 when Warrington played Huddersfield Giants and took maybe 30,000 fans is stark.

It really does feel second rate now compared to the Grand Final.

The game has a huge national audience – the biggest rugby league gets all year on TV – but what sort of message does it send to people who don’t usually watch the game?

I wonder if the time has come to look elsewhere?

I love Wembley but not enough people do it seems.

And at £50 for a ticket and with just a few weeks’ notice, it is a lot of money to find during the summer holidays and so close to schools going back.

Should we move it to a stadium in the north?

Maybe the move to July next year will help but I am not convinced.

We need fresh ideas to make the Challenge Cup great again.