THE Richmond’s photograph, in the Warrington Guardian (August 15) is of some of the ladies in the Chandos vitreous enamelling department.

I was the foreman there, from 1970 until 1972.

I recognise all of these faces but the Cranks in particular.

Facing Annie, second from the right is her daughter Elsie Crank, who was a wonderful character.

The department was run by superintendent Ken Dixon and I ‘understudied’ under Dave Fallon, known by all, as uncle Dave, before taking over from him on his retirement, as foreman.

The charge hands too were all interesting characters and I can remember messers Lees, Delooze, Crump and Cowell, as well as Bill Rowlands in the Mill room.

I remember the first year that a ‘no drink’ policy was introduced, at Christmas, for health and safety reasons.

There was to be no drinking on site.

Well these ladies had other ideas and when they failed to return to work, after their morning tea break, I had to go into this very room to ‘request’ their return to work.

They beat me to it and as I approached the door, they all came out, doing ‘the Conga’ with glasses of sherry in their hands.

Great memories of these wonderful people.