I WAS very disappointed by the article by ‘Fly in the Ointment’ regarding the recent refurbishment of the Golden Gates (Warrington Guardian, August 22).

The gates are an important element of the heritage of our town, are symbolic and for some they even have spiritual meaning.

The gates were funded by the council’s capital programme; the cost of £500,000 over a 25-year period comes to £1,600 per year.

Given their historical significance your readers need to judge if the first refurbishment of the gates since 1978 is value for money.

In completing the refurbishment using new technologies we now have for the first time a detailed understanding of the structure of the gates and how they are actually assembled.

The phrase ‘knowing the cost of everything but knowing the value of nothing’ is very apt regarding refurbishment of heritage buildings and artefacts as the examples of refurbishment of Westminster Palace and Manchester Town Hall also show.

PROFESSOR STEVEN BROOMHEAD Chief Executive Warrington Borough Council