I HAVE had my medication delivered by Boots Chemist on Manchester Road which was previously Lloyd’s Chemist, for the past 15 to 20 years.

Imagine my horror when I received a telephone call saying, that from September 30 they will be charging for this service.

A sum of £55 a year or £5 a month.

I am disabled in a wheelchair and some days I feel that rough that there is no way I could get to the chemist, even though it is just around the corner.

I am going to struggle, as will a lot of disabled and elderly and sick people.

I have a lot of medication and some of it is put into a blister pack, so I know when to have my tablets.

What is the charge for? I asked.

They are not sure, they could not answer me.

Once again the sick, elderly and disabled people are being penalised, I would love to be able to get out of my wheelchair and walk to the chemist but I cannot.

I have to rely on Boots for my medication.

I wonder if any other chemists are going to start charging £55 for delivery.

The charge maybe peanuts for some people but when you are on a limited amount of money each month £55 is a lot of money.