I AM just contacting you over the changes to blue badge parking in the Town Hall car park.

At one time you could park for four hours for free with a blue badge but now you can only park for three hours and pay for an hour to have four hours parking – which is the maximum anyone can park.

The signage is not very obvious that there is a change to parking regulations and most people I have spoken to haven’t realised the changes.

At the entrance to the car park should be a big sign saying new parking regulations are in operation which there isn’t, certainly not on Monday when I last saw.

For months the council was parking a lift in one of the disabled spaces probably hoping people would assume that it is the workers for the gates parking there.

I very much doubt the council was fined for parking a non-disabled badged vehicle there and now the disabled stung again.

This from a caring Labour-council is total disgrace.

What makes it worse is that by Central Station you can park all day with a blue badge for free.