IT’S faintly amusing to read prospective Tory candidate Andy Carter use the word ‘banker’ as a pejorative against Faisal Rashid (Warrington Guardian, August 15).

A quick bit of research shows Mr Rashid occupied a mundane middle management role, so not the high flying hedge funder with billions in tax exile so beloved by Tory and Brexit backers.

Perhaps he should have criticised Labour as being the party of reckless spending, except given the events of the past few weeks that is now clearly the mantle of Alexander Boris DeFeffel Johnson.

This spending spree hasn’t yet included the increased bribe that the DUP will exact from him, or the hundreds of millions of our money to be spent on a pro no deal propaganda campaign in the next few weeks.

Misinformation is nothing new to Johnson, sacked twice from his job as a journalist for telling lies, his reports from Brussels such as no more British sausages or compulsory straight bananas were part of the drip drip of anti-EU propaganda.

The term ‘Red Bus’ is now synonymous with deceit.

Derek Aston is frustrated with me for not being a true believer in the Cult of Brexit.

I won’t ‘respect’ the referendum result Derek for the same reason as I don’t respect the August 1934 German referendum that gave Hitler the mandate of total power, that is lies.

I’m afraid when politicians lie democracy dies.