I WANT to share my recent experience of a car park’s contractor with other readers.

Four months ago my wife and I visited a small market town, about 10 miles from Warrington.

It was their market day, but first of all we went shopping in one of the supermarkets and parked in a large car park at the back. We were aware of the 90-minute limit.

We were only in the supermarket for some 15 minutes so we decided to visit the small market in the town.

My wife has a chronic medical condition and she felt unwell while we were in the market.

I took for some beverages in a nearby café to allow the opportunity for some recovery.

About one week later we received a demand, from the car park contractor, for £85 because we had exceeded their 90 minutes permitted parking. I attempted to ring the contractor and my call was answered by a recorded message.

I sent an email, explaining the circumstances and lodged an appeal. The contractor’s declared policy includes suspension of demands pending appeal.

A short time later, while I was away from home, my wife received a further demand, from the contractor. She inadvertently paid.

Upon my return I emailed the contractor for an update on the appeal. The contractor’s response was that, since their fine had been paid, the appeal was no longer relevant. There was a further exchange of emails and I stressed my wife’s error but the contractor refused to budge.

There is an ‘appeals service’ dealing with disputes between car park contractors and motorists.

It trades under the name of POPLA, with offices situated in the Wilderspool area.

I contacted this service and lodged an appeal against the contractor’s decision. POPLA is unwilling to consider an appeal without a 10-digit reference issued by the contractor.

I have explained to POPLA that the contractor is unwilling to do so, but POPLA remain inflexible.

I have always believed that the purpose of an appeal is for an issue to be considered by an independent party.

I would welcome the views and/or experiences of other readers, including POPLA.