IT is beyond words that yet another development plot has been suggested for squeezing 140 homes off Loushers Lane in Latchford (Warrington Guardian, August 8).

Yes homes are needed, but in such density and cost to quality of living?

At no point have we seen any additional infrastructure provided in the south such as doctors, dentists, schools, decent paths and bike lanes, road networks, not to mention, a neighbourhood hub or new Warrington Hospital for the increasing population and more green planting to reduce the impact of increasing pollution.

There has been the development on Greenalls, all the flats at Walton Locks and up Wilderspool Causeway, 150 apartments planned for the old rugby ground, 189 flats being built on Station Road, now 140 proposed for Loushers Lane, the hundreds of houses that have been built at Edgewater Park and along the ship canal.

This is before we mention the houses proposed for the south in the LDP.

Warrington has a unique geography with all the Manchester Ship Canal crossing connecting points in Latchford.

From Chester Road, the Causeway, Wash Lane to Knutsford Road, traffic is grid locked at peak times and when the bridges swing.

Although residents have tried their upmost to object to several plans, it is difficult without a supporting Latchford Parish Council and seemingly disinterested ward councillors who sit on the planning and transport committees.

Residents’ views are being not listened to, considered or acted upon. Is it all about money?

The impact of increased industrial builds, housing, population, traffic, pollution, reduction in wildlife habitation and ultimately public health is extremely worrying.

What is even more concerning is the total lack of care seemingly shown by a Labour Council to Latchford – a Labour stronghold and all those living and working in the south as a whole.

To state that increases in traffic from pockets of developments will have little impact shows a ludicrous lack of common sense and simple maths.

It is like cramming more people in to a room with no more space or exits.

To comment on the Loushers Lane plans, the reference number is 2019/355516.