I WOULD like to return your readers’ attention to the urgent issue of speeding traffic, following recent well-justified correspondence in the Guardian.

The speeding situation in Warrington is becoming completely out of hand.

On 20mph side-roads, many drivers still drive at 30mph, and over the Cantilever Bridge (speed limit also 20mph) some drivers romp across at 35mph-plus, which is very intimidating for pedestrians on the extremely narrow footways.

On 30mph roads such as the narrow Hunts Lane and the twisting Ackers Road, far too many drivers now think it is acceptable to drive at 35-40mph. And on 40mph roads such as the Sankey Way, some drivers do 50mph.

A particular concern is Station Road, Latchford. This incline up to the Cantilever Bridge once had no properties fronting it, but is now fronted by flats, and sheltered housing. Many more flats are under construction.

Yet some male drivers (and yes, it is almost always men) take an immature delight in either charging up the hill or whizzing down it. I have even seen one or two doing 60mph, to the horror of pedestrians and other drivers.

It’s particularly bad in the evenings and late at night.

The recent Local Transport Plan looked forward to a supposedly-rosy future where far more people than at present will walk or cycle to work.

The grim reality is that life for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users, particularly children and older people, is being unnecessarily made more dangerous and intimidating by driver misbehaviour.

The council says it is the police’s job to enforce traffic laws. But the police are overstretched, as everyone knows.

The chances of speeding drivers being caught and prosecuted are as near to zero as makes no difference.

And drivers know that.

Meanwhile, the Government takes massive taxes off law-abiding drivers, but re-invests only the tiniest fraction on enforcing the rules.

I would urge readers to write to their councillors and Member of Parliament. If enough of us do this, it is just possible that we can together make speeding traffic a local election issue, and socially unacceptable.

It doesn’t have to be as bad as it currently is. Let’s make our town safer for everyone.

DAVID THROWER Stockton Heath