I HAVE just read Mr Rashid’s latest missive on the subject of Peel Ports and ‘their willingness to work closely with the council to mitigate the disruption when the swing bridges are closed for repainting’ (Warrington Guardian, August 1).

Sorry Mr Rashid and the council employees involved, Peel Ports are running rings round all of you.

I have lived in the area for many years and worked and lived in the Trafford Park area near to Barton Bridge and experienced a number of repainting jobs and cannot recall a single instance where a bridge was closed to road traffic during painting.

It is clearly in Peel’s interests to get the bridges closed when they do the work and not in the local communities’ interests.

They will be able to get the work done much quicker and more easily with significantly less cost to themselves by a closure.

Every resident knows what it’s like when a bridge breaks down for a limited period, it’s chaos.

It’s their own fault they are in this position due to a total lack of maintenance over the years.

Stand up for your residents Mr Rashid, don’t be fooled by Peel and tell the council a closure is out of the question or you won’t get elected next time round.