AS a Leeds resident and previous visitor to the Village Hotel in Warrington on numerous occasions, I thought you might be interested in hearing from me.

I visited Warrington in May and stayed at the Village Hotel with friends overnight.

On our way home, whilst following my sat nav to get back to the motorway, I accidentally turned onto Bridge Street.

As soon as I turned on to the street I realised my error and immediately turned around and exited back onto the road I had turned from.

Not being a resident of Warrington I was unaware that Bridge Street was a bus lane, I entered purely by accident.

Two months later I received two charge certificates one minute apart.

Apparently one was for entering the bus lane, the other for exiting the bus lane with a total charge of £180.

I was advised that I had not replied to previous letters, however these were the first letters I had received.

I immediately contacted the council to explain the situation and was told, quite rudely, to submit an email to the council disputing the charges.

I did this and several weeks later I received a lower fine which I have since paid.

I have seen reports and complaints online regarding the charges and the amount of money the council is making from the fines.

I felt it was only fair to let you know that my experience with your council has left a very sour taste in my mouth and I will not be visiting Warrington again.

I have also contacted the Village Hotel to advise of their lost business.

Maybe if enough people complain about the way they have been treated by your council it might make them aware of the damage they are doing to the reputation of the town.

However, my experience is they don’t care as long as they are reaping in the fines.