SOMETIMES I hope I will wake up and all this current political madness will be over.

Donald Trump as president was bad enough but now Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, I simply cannot get my head round it.

I understand why rich, privileged, delusional Tories would like him but why would anyone else give him the time of day?

Like his fellow publicly school educated and loud-mouth rent-aquote Nigel Farage, he is steeped in the world of the establishment and the political elite.

Yet they somehow manage to portray themselves as men of the people.

It is simply not true and they never will be.

Do you think Mr Johnson has any idea of the realities of life?

Or how much a pint of milk or loaf of bread is?

About what it means to live in the north of England?

Even worse, do you think he cares?

Yet he is now in charge of the country giving jobs to people like Jacob Rees-Mogg and the food bank denier Esther McVey.

At some point, the world will come back to normality.

Until then, I may hide away for fear of spontaneously combusting with rage.