WARRINGTON is well served with homes for sale and for rent.

People living in Warrington may have many worries concerning affording their mortgage or rent but one worry they haven’t got is the worry that their house will be demolished because the area is required for new settlers!

During the past few days Israel committed an act of ethnic cleansing destroying the homes of hundreds of Palestinian families in the neighbourhood of Wadi Hummus in occupied East Jerusalem.

Another 116 Palestinian homes are under imminent threat of demolition in Wadi Hummus.

Israel is only able to maintain this ongoing ethnic cleansing because governments, institutions and companies support its crimes.

Well-known companies were involved in Israel’s recent military demolition.

Prominent branded corporations play key roles in Israel’s apartheid regime against Palestinians.

Banks and financial institutions fund Israel’s deadly military and security industry.

Three years ago the UN voted to establish a database of companies involved in Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

The database remains unpublished due to political pressure from the US, Israel and some European states.

Why doesn’t our government call for this database to be published?

Justice delayed is justice denied.