IT is very difficult to have a debate/ constructive argument with somebody like Allan Ralston, when they don’t accept the outcome of the Brexit referendum (Warrington Guardian, July 25).

You cannot simply change the rules to create your own desired outcome.

The majority voted to leave. That’s it.

In fairness Mr Ralston, you are correct when you say that trading in a block has its benefits.

That’s why I voted, like many, to join the Common Market.

What I have never voted for, nor would I, is a move towards an undemocratic federal union.

A new president has been appointed and I suspect that like me, you didn’t have the opportunity to vote in her election.

I did not write, two years ago, to laugh at your concern re the lies peddled by the Leave campaign.

I’m amazed that you can still quote me from a letter 24 months old.

You must keep clippings.

I was merely pointing out that misleading statements were used by both sides of the argument.

Remember 870,000 unemployed in the first year, simply after the vote, not even the implementation.

Or what about the immediate introduction of a new, even more draconian austerity budget.

Neither happened, did they?

There’s an old saying: “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” And while you are technically right in saying that all member states of the EU have to agree to ‘deals’, there is no doubt at all that Germany and France hold the trump cards when it comes to negotiations.

To use another old phrase, countries like Romania know ‘which side their bread is buttered on’. It’s a bit naive to think that such a small tail can wag such a big dog.

Have a look at just how many countries are net contributors in Europe and by how much.

It will be Germany and France who decide if any new deal, is to be struck.

The others will toe the line.