I HOPED for a discourse on how proportional representation could heal our divisions by making all votes count, contrasting the attitudes of our two MPs.

Alas Derick Aston couldn’t even be bothered to read my letter before angrily responding (Warrington Guardian, July 18).

To assist him I repeat, a minority of the electorate voted to leave. Additionally, some 1.5 million 16 and 17 year olds were not allowed the vote, yet considered old enough to join the Army.

If you went to work in other EU countries more than 15 years ago you couldn’t vote (700,000 people) EU citizens couldn’t, but Irish and Commonwealth ones could, so my Polish nurse friend living here for 10 years had no vote, but a man arriving from Fiji or Zimbabwe did.

Instead Derick tells us Britain can go it alone in the world and bizarrely cites Brazil, South Korea and Japan. Just five minutes of research would have told him that they are respectively, members of PROSUR, Asian Cooperation Dialogue and ASEAN.

Each of these is working towards ever closer union, the ACD aims to ultimately create an Asian Union (AU).

Additionally Japan has signed the largest open trade area with the EU. But you want to go it alone Derick, you turn your back on the European Parliament and insult our closest trading partners. The world’s smaller nations are all looking for the security you are trying to throw away, you blame everyone else for the past three years of humiliation, you tell us we hold all the cards, that Germany will cave in to our demands, but there are 27 nations in the EU and their heads of state decide on facts.

Back in August 2016 you wrote to laugh at my dismay over the lies of the leave campaign saying politicians all lie, get over it!

More lies from Bojo over Kippergate won’t bother you either, when you’re a cult member it’s all about belief isn’t it?