WHILE promenading with my little pooch in the town centre last Sunday, I thought to myself, what about a coffee and burger from McDonald’s?

Well off we went and on arrival at said establishment and finding absolutely nowhere to tether my darling dog, what was I to do?

I know, I said to myself, and so I instructed my dog to stay while I went inside to place my order.

But while waiting for my food to come, my little canine friend decided to come in and have a look around and say hello.

This resulted in a bit of a little ka-huff, the staff going a bit berserk wondering what was happening and a supervisor or someone in charge shouting and screaming at me to ‘get that dog out of here’.

All very interesting.

Well you may be pleased to know, I got my food in the end.

Now what I am getting at is that all these eateries, and other shops in town, have a hook or similar outside their establishments so people can tether their pet dogs, goats, cow, horses etc while owners do their shopping inside.

We live in hope.

Oh by the way, Brexit, we’re doomed, we’re all doomed.

PETER RIGBY Warrington