THIS is an open letter to Ben Wakerley regarding the non-arrival of the 1.45pn, 4a bus to Woolston.

On enquiring what had happened to it I was told it was due to schools breaking up for holidays and that Warrington was gridlocked.

This being the case it did not interfere with bus services using the corridor routes into town because I checked on the Guardian and AA traffic reports for Warrington and there was no mention of congestion.

A bus appeared and went out at 2.20pm which was the 2.15pm because I asked the driver who confirmed it was the 2.15pm.

It seems that for some reason the 4a is taken off, why is this?

Seeing the bus company is owned by the council, surely you should have accountability to the council tax payers of the town who in the past have bailed the company out?

An added effect of these no shows is that you are putting members of staff in positions of verbal abuse through no fault of their own by the feeble excuses that they are told to tell the public.

I write this having been a member of the board when I served as a councillor, although there was some opposition to me going on the board mainly because I use the bus several times a week.

However if I have a medical appointment, due to the unreliable service I now use other means adding to the carbon footprint of the town.