IN this fast paced world, it is quite easy to be forget things and not be mindful of others.

Indeed, I was not sure if honesty still existed but there are kind people out there.

On July 7 I visited the a supermarket in the town centre.

I did my shopping and drove off leaving my handbag in the shopping trolley.

I only realised I had no handbag when I reached a petrol station.

I quickly drove back to Asda and went to the shopping trolley area.

A woman approached me to ask if I had left my handbag in a trolley. I replied, ‘yes’.

She could see that I looked a bit stressed and told me not to worry, that she had found the handbag and I should go to customer services to claim it.

I thanked her and offered a reward but she declined.

On returning to my car, the lady and her partner were still in the car park.

I thanked them again for their kind act and I offered a reward again too, but they declined.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to this nice couple for restoring my faith in human kindness.