LETTER: Unbelievable TWO letters in last week’s Warrington Guardian really need to be commented on (July 11).

David Myall’s best of three approach and Allan Ralston’s unbelievable view of Warrington’s voting result.

The result, in Warrington, was 54 per cent leave. I’ve checked in several sources and they all say the same.

Perhaps his argument is that not 100 per cent of those eligible to vote voted.

Well they had the opportunity to vote and if they couldn’t be bothered, that’s their democratic right.

There’s that word again ‘democratic’. It’s about the will of the majority prevailing.

Now here’s the rub, had parliament en masse supported the will of the people, there would not have been a Brexit mess.

Brexit is not a mess, Parliament is.

How do you think countries like Japan, South Korea and Brazil prosper successfully when they’re not members of the EU? There is prosperous business life out there you know.

Any businessman worth his salt would know that in negotiations, the UK held the ‘whip hand’, after all they sell far more to us, than we to them and therefore have more to lose.

It’s not rocket science, is it?

Instead, a pathetically weak remainer Prime Minister was appointed, whose heart wasn’t in the job and who allowed the EU to run rings round her.

So, Mr Ralston, bearing in mind that after China and the USA we are Volkswagen’s next largest customer, ditto BMW, in whose best interest is a favourable deal?

Are they really going to say ‘we’re not selling you our cars’ – really? Or the French their wines and Italian’s their fridges and washing machines?

Never forget there are politicians and then there are businessmen.

Business will prevail but only if a no deal remains on the table.