I WAS interested to read your article concerning the VJ Day petition to parliament (Warrington Guardian, July 4).

It is designed to give greater emphasis to VJ Day by establishing a national day on August 15.

I have every sympathy with those who were held in terrible conditions in prisoner of war camps, and I have signed the petition.

Nevertheless I feel unhappy that the petition specifically mentions POWs.

It does not seem to mention others who, while fighting in the South East Asia theatre of war, were not prisoners.

My father in law, for example, fought in many of the bloodiest battles at Imphal and Kohima.

He was also one of those who held out in the siege of the Admin Box enduring terrible conditions and privations.

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My uncle died at Kohima, as did many other British and Commonwealth soldiers.

I think the basis of the petition is correct in that great emphasis is placed on European battles, without similar emphasis on the Far East.

We hear, rightly, about the bravery of men in the D Day landings, yet nothing is said about the equally momentous battle of Kohima, fought at approximately the same time.

But I think that should be a national day of remembrance for all those who were part of ‘the Forgotten Army’.