AS I am not on Facebook or the internet etc, I can only find what is going on in my weekly Warrington Guardian.

Apart from all the crime in Warrington sometimes the letters page is very annoying, especially your Fly in the Ointment columnist on Thursday, June 20.

I am a cyclist and a car driver, now 78.

When I am driving and see a bike rider approach a parked car, I know they can only go around.

So like most drivers I keep to the law and wait because it is the law to give the correct passing distance.

Does the Fly in the Ointment not see this?

Does he not know the codes? Does he not know the clearance to give bikes? It is the law, and the riders also have the right to that side of the road.

OPINION > Militant cyclists must learn highway code but safer cycling lanes would help

He should get out of his armourplated car and get on a bike and see what they are up against. It is hell out there. Warrington is the worst place to ride.

If he can ride a bike why not take Gary Bebbington on a ride and show him the Lancashire side of Warrington? They probably pay more council tax on my side than south of the canal and I am sure he will not get harmed by us horrible people north of the ship canal.

If Fly in the Ointment cannot think of anything better some weeks, take it off.