THIS is an open letter to Ben Wakerley at Warrington’s Own Buses, as I have a number of questions for you to reply to via the Warrington Guardian: 1. Is there a hidden agenda to take buses off the 4a route to Woolston?

Last week the 10am bus never turned up and on Friday the 13.45 never came to the interchange.

I was waiting from 13.25 for a bus that left at 14.25. On asking staff nobody knew what had happened.

All services by your competitors were running on time out of town routes, yet a local service does not appear – why is this?

2. On a great many occasions over the past 12 years I have been in touch with your company regarding unreliable services to the Woolston area, in fact a missing evening 3a bus was taken off and I was told it was due to heavy congestion in Vulcan village.

On checking traffic reports for that night there were no problems, it was only when I made a Freedom of Information request I was told the truth.

3. A few weeks ago I again made a complaint and when I gave my name I could hear the member of staff in the background say to the person that I spoke to that she was not there. I told her I would put a letter in the Guardian then they rang back.

4. In the local press you have been trying to encourage people to leave the car at home and travel by bus.

This is a farce seeing that you can’t run services on time and often take services to Woolston off. I now use other means to get to medical appointments due to the unreliable service.

5. Although I have included you in emails and requested for you to respond perhaps through these columns you can supply some answers and get off the fence yourself instead of providing a statement from a spokesman.