YOU know us.

We’re the kick and clap guys, the Yawnion guys, the big pile-on, what are you playing that for, there’s hardly any tries guys.

If you play rugby union in Warrington you’re an outcast, even the footballers don’t like you.

Warrington’s a rugby league town, we know, we’ve heard, we get it – we know our place.

Bizarrely Warrington Rugby Union team are treated similarly to the way anyone from Coventry downwards seems to treat rugby league.

We actually watch and love league, indeed most of the sides that play for Warrington Union are lifelong Wire fans.

But we don’t watch a game of league expecting to see union, and would ask those watching union not to expect to see a game of league...really, you should give it a go.

Whilst we may be second rate citizens struggling for a piece of grass to train on through the winter months, there is immense skill in and athleticism in the players and fantastic coaching on display at Warrington Rugby Union.

Such a level that has been recognised by county, Sale and (here’s the thing) rugby league professional teams.

The junior section that started with six kids, 20 years ago, now boasts more than 300 mini and junior players.

So, as an ex-professional rugby league player, I would advise any league players keen to develop their passing and evasion skills to give union a go. Dying with the ball is avoided so the ball is passed an awful lot more, and rarely (if ever) will you hear the cry ‘just run straight!’.

We teach to step, pass or kick to beat your opposition. But whether you take these skills back to league in the summer and never to return to the dark side again, or if you enjoy it and want to play more, you’ll be made to feel welcome and we feel you’ll be a better player for the experience.

From six-year-olds to the first team, our club is a family from bottom to top.

The kids are taught valuable life lessons and while they play the game very tough, they play fair with respect for each other, the opposition and the officials.

Every two years all the mini and junior teams and parents will tour together. The different age groups know each other and from the first team down, everyone looks out for each other.

Isn’t that what local sport of any code is all about?