AS a resident of East View I am still shaking my head in astonishment at the careless, crazy driving now that the one-way system has been reversed.

We’re now just over a month into traffic entering from Chester Road but still drivers are negotiating the wrong way from Knutsford Road.

This is despite three no entry signs and a warning of a new road layout. Also, there are huge clues in the form of giant white arrows on East View pointing towards Knutsford Road.

Then there’s the problem with the resident only zone on the left of East View.

We’ve seen Tesco shoppers parking the wrong way and in the zone which we are paying an annual fee to have exclusive use.

When their ‘crime’ has been pointed out the best answer I’ve had is ‘Oh sorry, I thought it was the overflow car park for Tesco’.

Doubly annoying.

We have double yellow lines opposite with no waiting, loading, unloading and no disabled parking.

Shoppers are just ignoring the restriction and parking there anywhere.

Everything is so clearly marked in East View but constantly and regularly ignored by drivers/shoppers seemingly unaware of road signs.

Very worrying and concerning at the poor standard of driving.

Or are the majority just not giving a damn and happy to take the risk of a heavy fine?

STEVE MILLAR Grappehnall