I WISH to add my voice to the growing protest at

Warrington Borough Council

’s plans to build new homes and commercial sites on green belt land and encroach on Sankey Valley Park by creating a Western Link road.

When I moved to Warrington to live 35 years ago the park was one of the main factors in my decision to live in Great Sankey, where my family and I have been ever since.

My children, indeed, all of us have wonderful memories of the park with its rural tranquillity and its havens for wildlife.

The local plan threatens to put an end to both.

The plan is supposed to ease traffic problems, how many hundreds of new cars and commercial vehicles will the new building attract?

Will the new homes be affordable by local people? I think not. Even now it can take many days, sometimes weeks, to obtain an appointment with a doctor or dentist.

These waiting times will be even worse with an influx of several thousand people.

Air and noise pollution in Warrington are already at one of the highest levels in the north west.

This plan can only aggravate these problems. Council members who seem determined to push ahead with the plan despite increasing concerns should be reminded that they will need to seek re-election soon.

JW PERRY Great Sankey