TODAY I had the misfortune to try to travel across Warrington from Woolston to Penketh.

What a farce the journey turned out to be.

I’ve no idea how Warrington ‘s Own Buses won an award.

I along with several others was left at the bus station for more than 45 minutes waiting for a bus to Penketh.

Two services were missed out, the 2.20pm service 14 and 2.50pm service 15.

No apology, no explanation.

In the end I gave up and rang home for a lift. Passengers are treated with such indifference and disrespect, and yet they boast about the excellent service they provide.

It’s a joke.

We deserve better.


Editor’s note: A spokesman for Warrington’s Own Buses said: “The first one failed at 2.20pm due to a technical issue with the bus. The second one at 2.50pm did operate, albeit 10 minutes late at 3pm due to a delay.

“We do make announcements on the interchange tannoy system whenever possible to let customers know. We care greatly about customers and our team work hard to keep services running.

“Unfortunately, operational issues like traffic, breakdowns etc can happen from time to time, but we do apologise for any inconvenience.”