IT may be a paradise for the fans but for the residents Neighbourhood Weekender is hell (Warrington Guardian, May 30).

From start to finish all I heard and felt was boom, boom – and that was inside the house, outside was even worse.

The only people outside were the deaf idiots without a ticket, the rest had to close all doors, windows and vents in a vain attempt to keep the din out.

Some left the area before it started, others went when they couldn’t stand it anymore.

I bet Warrington Borough Council got a tidy packet for this noise.

Ordinarily such a din would be considered anti-social behaviour and psychological torture.

It comes to something when I have the TV on full blast to drown out the noisy people in the field.

I suspect WBC wants its council tax. Why should I pay when they inflict this noise pollution on the area?

I would like to know when WBC is going to remove the bottles from my property?

It is the first time I have had to wear ear plugs in the shower and to use the toilet. These people seem so happy in your photos, perhaps you should take a few of the long suffering, harassed, and very annoyed locals who didn’t ask for this on their doorstep but were overruled by the money grabbing council.

Take some photos of the other side of this festival and provide a balanced view.

C RAYNOR Latchford