THE people of Warrington are being conned.

Warrington Borough Council is practising slight of hand and misdirection and unless we all take note then the trick will affect us all.

There are two plans for our town currently under consultation; the local plan for housing and the local transport plan. WBC state both have been written with the other in mind but to what end?

It is clear these plans do not compliment one another, yet you can be sure each will be used to force through approval.

‘Let us build on the green belt because our transport plan is green’. And vice versa.

Warrington’s transport infrastructure needs fixing right now to meet today’s needs before a single brick is laid.

At the slightest whiff of a bump or broken bridge Warrington grinds to a halt.

You don’t build roads to free up space for housing. You build roads to ease the daily traffic chaos.

If WBC believe that thousands of new homes won’t come with thousands of new cars even if public transport, cycle lanes and walkways are built then the lunatics really have taken over the asylum.

People don’t just use their cars to get to and from work, they are used to shop, go on holiday or days out.

Public transport is infrequent, unreliable and expensive compared to the car, or taxi, while cycle lanes are 100 yards long.

Yet there is no council tax in building roads so WBC will plough on with their proposals even if neither meet in a common middle ground.

In the past few weeks articles on the local plan and transport plan have appeared on social media and established mainstream press separately in what appear to be a carefully coordinated marketing ploy.

All have been met with disdain and objection in equal measure.

Come on WBC, fix the roads first and only then, and if Warrington moves more freely, consider a house building plan that includes even further traffic planning.