WHEN are pavements in Warrington and elsewhere going to be officially reclassified as car parks?

Members of the Warrington Visually Impaired People have been told that if vehicles are in the way they should step out into the road.

It is true that four years ago we changed our name from the Warrington and Widnes District Blind Society to the WVIP, but that doesn’t mean that our members’ sight has improved and that they can perform such manoeuvres.

Many are hard of hearing or slow to react, and if they fall and break or chip a bone they can be incapacitated for several months and lose their confidence.

Some have a walking frame and a couple have a guide dog.

It was only last Friday that I passed a car in Perth Close that was parked across dimpled paving slabs used by members to cross the road in order to get to the shops.

But it’s not only WVIP members who have issues.

Having a young grandson, I know the problems family members are faced with when vehicles park on the pavement and leave a narrow gap.

It’s very difficult to squeeze a buggy through without scratching the car.

Having said that, all cars must have third party cover by law – so that should cover the paint shop bill shouldn’t it?

As a former and now aging runner with osteoarthritis of the hips, it’s a real pain when you get caught by a wing mirror as you try to pass by.

But hey, it’s the 21st century and the car rules.

No, it’s not okay – it’s thoughtless and inconsiderate.

There are just too many cars on inadequate roads, and with the local plan expected to add thousands more there is no sign of the problem going away anytime soon.