IN 1940, King George VI, at a time of great crisis, called the nation to prayer.

The nation responded and churches were packed.

Against impossible odds our troops were rescued from the beaches of Dunkirk.

The nation is once again in crisis of a different kind, there is a breakdown in our society.

People have lost confidence and trust in our politicians, police force and banks.

Family life is under attack, children are being taught things in school that parents don’t approve of, slowly parents are losing the right to bring up their children how they feel is right.

Depression in young children is now common place.

Homelessness and loneliness reflect a society that doesn’t care.

In this day and age people in Great Britain are having to go to food banks, poverty is on the rise.

Violent attacks on the old and vulnerable are reported every day.

Knife crime and murder are on the rise reflecting the disregard for human life.

Animals too are victims of terrible cruelty and neglect, God is denied and Christianity is under attack. Slowly rights as Christians are being taken away.

This nation was once Christian, where truth and justice were valued, but we have now become a nation of self-obsessed and greedy people who have no regard for others.

As a nation we need to repent, turn back to God, ask for his forgiveness for he is the only hope we have.

PJ ORDISH Great Sankey