I HAVE just come back from one of my regular runs around Appleton.

It is a beautiful Sunday spring morning.

There are lots of people, of all ages, walking and cycling, many with dogs, many not.

All are enjoying the remaining beautiful countryside we have on our doorstep in south Warrington.

It breaks my heart to think that if the Local Plan, in its current manifestation is approved, will put all this under concrete.

I can hear the cries of Nimby as I write but I was born in Appleton, I have seen change, I have accepted changes but there comes a time when we have to draw the line and preserve what we have and what makes South Warrington special, not just for the residents who live here, but those from other parts of the town who enjoy our countryside.

I write this letter as a resident of south Warrington as well as a local borough councillor and parish councillor.

I know ‘hello trees, hello flowers’ (to quote Walter, the soppy one in the Beano if anyone remembers) is not a sound reason on its own for opposing the Local Plan.

This letter would be many pages long if I listed my objections but I urge my fellow councillors in Warrington to take a drive round South Warrington, look at the proposals in the LDP and see what you will be destroying forever.


Borough Councillor for Appleton, Stretton, Hatton and Higher Walton Vice Chair, Appleton Parish Council