TWO readers have been in touch to voice their views on changes to the road set-up of a road in Grappenhall.

I REFER to my previous letters regarding the north /south divide regarding how residents living in the southern area of warrington are treated differently to those living in the north.

This week the traffic priorities were reversed in East View in Grappenhall.

East view is now a one-way street travelling from Chester Road to Knutsford Road, previously it was one way from Knutsford Road to Chester Road.

As part of this change WBC has put double yellow lines on the uneven number houses sides of East View.

But on the even side numbers they have issued resident parking.

Each household has to purchase an annual resident parking permit at a cost of £30 per year, while residents who live in the side streets off Battersby Lane get their residents parking permits for nothing.

A prime example of discrimination and exploitation by WBC to the people living in the south of the town.



WHILE I applaud the powers that be for what appears to be a sensible move in redirecting the traffic using East View in Grappenhall, I wonder have they considered the impact that this will have and is already having on Euclid Avenue.

Traffic will now use Euclid Avenue, even more, as an easy way to get to and from Tesco.

A lot of time, money and effort has been spent on Jubilee Park at the top of Euclid Avenue and the traffic was already making it very unsafe for children – now with this move it will be even worse. A bit of a waste really.

It is not only the volume of traffic that is a problem but also the ridiculous speeds at which cars are driven.

This has been a long term problem for residents and now will only get worse. It is a nightmare trying to get out of our driveways and you don’t expect to have to queue to cross the avenue to visit a neighbour.

If action to stem the amount of traffic is cost prohibitive, would not an easy and less costly option be to have one way traffic in this avenue, flowing the same way as East View (having it flowing the opposite way would only increase the island effect that is already happening).

Even better would be access only.

I notice there is a smiling face speed indicator.

These have been used in the avenue before but these are only box ticking measures.

Drivers ignore them after the first couple of sightings and then they are removed and forgotten.

It is really time that something was done, or do life and limb need to be sacrificed before anybody listens.