FOLLOWING the coverage which highlighted the views of the Brexit Party candidate for the north west in the forthcoming European elections, I would like to appeal to the better nature of all political candidates in our town (Warrington Guardian, May 2).

We know that views are polarised on the subject of Brexit and we must respect differing opinions. However, there are some views that are so beyond the pale that they have no place in the public arena.

The Brexit Party candidate Claire Fox’s defence of the IRA bomb that decimated our town falls into that category.

Whatever our disagreements I would hope that all political parties can unite around one thing. People who defend the IRA bombing in Warrington and believe the innocent lives that were lost are a price that’s worth paying for Irish republicanism have no place in mainstream politics.

I would therefore urge all candidates to strongly condemn Claire Fox and urge Nigel Farage to withdraw her candidacy.

Nigel Farage has recently spoken about bringing honour back to politics. If he really believes this then he must ensure that apologists for violence, in this case the IRA – like Claire Fox – are not on the ballot paper to represent Warrington in the European elections on May 23.


Chair of Warrington for Europe