OH dear, poor old David Myall really has got his knickers in a twist and shows a complete misunderstanding of how democracy works.

It works like this. The time for discussion and debate is before the vote, not after. You would think, reading his letter, that the Brexit vote was entered into lightly, it wasn’t.

It was subject to a great deal of debate, not only in Parliament, which agreed it, but also on television and in every other form of media.

Both sides put forward their arguments. Remainers often argue that we should have another vote because we didn’t know what we were voting for.

I knew very clearly because not only the Governor of the Bank of England, but the Chancellor too told us. The Bank of England said there would be 800,000 job losses.

Nope, that didn’t happen, in fact employment rose. The Chancellor then said that just the day after a leave vote, the country would go into recession and that he would have to introduce a punitive austerity budget. No, this didn’t happen either.

He says Brexit is a shambles, it isn’t, it is our Parliament which is a shambles and a great shame on this once great democracy of ours.

Boston and Skegness voted 76 per cent to leave, but guess what their parliamentary representative did. He voted against it.

Our MPs don’t believe in democracy.

It is 200 years ago, at Peterlee Fields, in Manchester, that many people sacrificed their lives in the cause of democracy.

In this so-called democracy of ours, we all now have a vote and yet that vote is being thwarted by just some of the 650 MPs, who are supposed to be our representatives. I would beg the question, just who do they represent.

I have no recollection of anything about a ‘deal’ being on the ballot paper. There wasn’t that option. Leave meant leave.

Let’s turn to our quite pathetic parliament. There isn’t a businessman alive who would have taken ‘no deal’ off the table. Our Parliament has gone cap in hand to Europe.

Given the balance of trade between us, it is Europe which has by far the most to lose.

As for staying in Europe and renegotiating its direction, forget it. Mr Junker is very clear, he wants a Federal Europe with even more power transferred to Brussels.

I voted to leave and would do so again, if only to defend the democratic process. My main reasons for voting leave were that I didn’t want a Federal Europe.

The Americans got Trump but at least his name appeared on a ballot paper and they had the democratic right to vote for him or not.

Have you ever seen Mr Junker’s name on a ballot paper?

We voted democratically and the leave vote won. We need to get everybody behind it and get out asap.