I AM agog, I am aghast, I have agreed with Gary Bebbington at last.

However Gary, I wouldn’t think that any responsible authority would develop without carrying out a full survey.

That would include a full traffic prediction to identify any of the problems in the area as a whole.

That would include all the pinch points, ie Lumb Brook Bridge, the Cat and Lion junction, Stockton Heath, the swing bridges and Red Lane canal bridge.

I am sure all of these have been carried out and the designs already started.

There should be no reason for these not to be displayed.

There will be some extra 2,000 to 3,000 extra vehicles on the road, the road and junctions must have been investigated.

I cannot believe that the council is acting like the man who spent thousands of pounds on a beautiful boat in his garage only to find he could not then get it out through the doors.

Please satisfy Gary and me that that will not be the situation.