WHAT a wonderful Walter Mitty world Cllr Russ Bowden seems to be living in.

According to him:

1. The borough council’s investment in Redwood Bank is currently worth more than it paid, despite Richard Buttrey having demonstrated a paper loss of several million pounds.

What a pity Cllr Bowden is unable to say when figures will be available to back up his claim.

2. The rise in the council’s total borrowings to £1 billion is of little concern.

Nor is the fact that, having taken decades to reach that figure, the debt will increase to one and a third billion in the space of a single year.

3. The refusal of the council’s auditors, Grant Thornton, to sign off the accounts for 2017/8 – due to the objection I lodged – is down to a ‘technicality’.

No matter that the council is now in breach of the Government’s statutory deadline of July 31, 2018 by more than nine months.

Cllr Bowden has announced he is giving up the finance portfolio. I wonder why!