SIR David Attenborough quite rightly condemns our use of plastics and other items which are not biodegradable that are already harming our environment, and it is clear that nobody will be able to escape the effects of climate change.

Certainly people such as volunteer adults and even children realise this and do their best to clean up beaches ponds and streams to alleviate the problem.

This is to be applauded, and more people ought to join in.

However it is quite clear that it is necessary to stop the pollution in the first place.

Manufacturers and packers of all kinds of goods, including food and sweets and many kinds of items presently wrapped in plastic and the softer plastics which are quite unrecyclable, ought to be made to realise that it will not be long before the buying public will be putting pressure on those who continue to wrap their goods in such harmful materials.

It is important too that the government, of whatever colour, should provide funds to set up projects to find safe alternatives.

This, combined with the efforts of consumers to make known their objection to items, leaflets included, that they should not be delivered covered in these harmful materials.

ANN HADDOW Warrington