I AM urging people to reconsider buying animals for Easter this weekend, especially rabbits/ bunnies.

It really saddens me that people deliberately breed rabbits to sell for Easter when the rescue centre I’m a volunteer at are having to turn them away because we have no room and it’s even worse after Easter with people dumping their new ‘present’.

Due to the very high costs of running a rabbit charity more centres are closing down resulting in people dumping their bunnies anywhere or letting them loose on purpose from their garden.

They are not like wild rabbits.

The domestic rabbit will not survive like the wild bunnies as they will kill the domestic ones for invading their territories.

Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK but sadly the most neglected, misunderstood animal due to lack of knowledge.

They are sociable creatures that need another rabbit for warmth, company, grooming and emotional health, The hutches have to be a minimum of six foot long and not a pokey little hutch they can’t turn around in.

The vet bills can be high, as my rabbit had E.Cuniculi and the final bill was more than £1,000 which was covered by my rabbit insurance.

Can you afford to pay for rabbit insurance each month? Along with their beddings, toys, food, any pet care plans from the vets, vaccinations, etc.

They are gentle, very active, funny, naughty, nosey, loving creatures and can live around 10 years and can be litter trained but they do not like to be picked up as they have a fragile back which can be broken if the bunny struggles when picked up.

If you want to be around rabbits then volunteer at these animal shelters.

So please think again if you are buying a bunny for Easter as the costs will be a shock to the new family.