CALL me cynical but the new Western Link sounds more like a way to allow more homes to be built than a real bypass to ease the congestion.

The announcement that the Government intends to fund the road came with the caveat that it would provide space for 24,000 new homes.

I almost had to read the figure twice when I saw it.

That number is more than the local plan would need for the next 20 years.

I don’t remember seeing this figure before.

And how will 24,000 new homes help to reduce traffic congestion?

The simple fact appears to me that it won’t.

I really do wonder what we are getting with this council.

It seems that Cllr Russ Bowden is determined to get the local plan through at whatever cost.

It doesn’t matter what people say to him or the arguments against, he simply continues to repeat the same lines.

I cannot believe that anything will change after the current consultation finishes.

I will be having my say but I have to question whether it is worth it?