IN response to a letter in the Warrington Guardian (March 21) regarding attempts made to book an accessible taxi on a Friday evening.

Firstly may we apologise for not being in a position to provide this service, as you can imagine being in business it breaks our heart to turn work away but unfortunately we can only employ drivers for certain hours of the day.

Direct Taxis currently provides more than 300 trips per week to wheelchair users, covering work for the ambulance service, most of Warrington’s Nursing Homes as well as private bookings.

We employ drivers that work 7.30am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday to meet the main demand and then rely on third party cover outside of these hours.

Due to the third party cover being self-employed it is very difficult for us to pre-book work outside of these hours as we can not control when and how they work.

As a company we do try to help in resolving every booking that comes through to us.

As a long standing operator with the largest accessible fleet in Warrington and the surrounding area we pride ourselves on being a nondiscriminatory organisation.

As a back up to ourselves please contact Warrington Borough Council’s taxi licensing department who have a list of all operators who have been issued with a licence to make accessible travel possible.