I ATTENDED a Warrington Borough Council meeting on March 25 to listen to the proposal for the revised local plan to be put out to consultation.

This was the first time I have attended a council meeting and I went because I am concerned that the council is proposing to build on too much green belt land around Warrington.

The open spaces around the town are part of what makes Warrington a good place to live and when they are gone they cannot be replaced.

Having listened to the discussion in the meeting, I am even more concerned as I formed the impression that the council is not listening to what the people of Warrington want.

Some questions raised in the debate were simply ignored.

The council inappropriately used the defence that we must have a local plan to avoid being left at the mercy of government planning inspector’s decisions (which they allege will be onerous) against criticism clearly aimed at this plan’s contents, rather than the need to have a plan.

The council stated that the revised local plan now takes account of the effect of Brexit on future growth and development, which seems to me to be implausible, considering that we don’t yet know what form Brexit will take and opinion is divided on its effects.

The council says it recognises the need for more affordable housing for people, but I find it hard to reconcile this with the housing proposed for green belt land on the outskirts of town, whose owners will find it easier to access the motorway network than Warrington town centre.

I urge everyone in Warrington to take part in the consultation on the local plan, to make sure your views are known to the council.