SO Warrington Borough Council

is planning to build nearly 19,000 new houses over the next few years.

Is this another ploy in their attempts to get city status for Warrington?

Greenfield land will be sacrificed for this project so there will be less countryside for people to see.

Where are the occupants for these new houses coming from?

Liverpool? Manchester?


Surely there are not 19,000 Warrington residents needing new homes.

As a coincidence, a few pages further along in the Guardian (March 28), there is an article in which the council – yes, the same council – state that they have a chronic traffic problem in the town.

Somehow these two council statements do not quite add up.

These 19,000 new houses will involve 20,000+ more cars which will create even worse gridlock on the existing overcrowded roads.

There needs to be a lot of serious thought given as to which of the above two projects is given priority by the council.

ALLEN RIX Fearnhead