THE problem with the Local Plan is the apparent lack of thought by those behind it.

The council has to build new homes – that much is clear.

Indeed it is in the interests of everyone to have a town with more affordable homes.

Especially in the town centre which is currently enjoying a rebuild which will only be successful if residents are around and able to go to the cinema and restaurants in Time Square.

But where are the long term plans for the future?

The council itself admitted that there is no plan B should the Western Link not happen (Warrington Guardian, March 21).

So how will we avoid the town turning into one big car park?

The council says it will get the infrastructure right.

But the latest news that the cost of Time Square is now more than £140 million and rising, begs the question about whether the council can really be trusted to deliver?

I for one won’t be holding my breath and expecting any of these projects to be delivered in the way they are set out.

JIM GANNON Birchwood