WHENEVER discussions turn to the Local Plan and the future of Warrington, I always hear politicians and council offers say ‘don’t worry infrastructure will be built first’.

So if thousands of houses go on Peel Hall or Grappenhall, it will be ok because the roads will go in first.

Let’s look at the evidence though shall we?

I work on Centre Park.

Ever tried leaving here at 5pm?

Well don’t bother because it will take half an hour to get to Brian Bevan Island.

This business park has been open 10 years (at least) and only now has work started on a new road.

And it won’t be completed until the end of 2020.

I also live in Chapelford, have done for five years.

Although some of the estate is a lot older than that.

I was promised a health centre and train station when I moved in.

Both are still being built and neither are open.

So excuse me if I don’t believe a word I am being told.

The evidence is that house builders or business park builders do the construction bits that make money first and then the council starts its bit a decade later.

So be patient if you live near one of these new developments.

Because you are about to be sat in a lot of traffic.

MARK JONES Chapelford