WE would like to thank the trainers and leaders of Warrington Rowing Club for taking part in a large competition held at the Olympic lake near Windsor which was constructed for the 2012 for the Olympics.

The event took place on March 18.

We arrived in Slough on March 17 as our granddaughter, a member of Warrington Rowing Club, was rowing in a team of eight 15-yearold girls and it was quite special to be rowing on the Olympic lake.

When we arrived at the lake it was unbelievable to see so many rowing clubs and schools taking part with more than 2,000 young people rowing in different age groups and numbers.

The teams came from all over the UK including Enniskillen Northern Ireland and the competition was such that Steve Redgrave was there to present the prizes.

It was so great to see so many young people involved in the sport as it takes a great deal of dedication to keep up with the training.

The eights team our granddaughter was a member of came sixth out of 20 after rowing approximately two miles.

Well done ladies and all the Warrington rowers including the young lads who put everything into their rowing.

Thanks also to the schools for allowing the rowers to have the day off to take part in such an event which was an education in itself.

Good luck Warrington Rowing Club in future events.