OF all the sins this Tory government has committed against this country and of all the dirty tricks it has played on its people, only Brexit has stirred any form of unrest in their voters.

A non-binding referendum that MPs were supposed to use as a guideline has become a national calamity and the current pilot at the helm has no idea of what to do as the lies and false promises of the leaver MPs, who put their own interest before that of the country, have been exposed.

Reading the recent letters on the subject in the Warrington Guardian (March 21) the blame seems to lie entirely at the feet of billionaire businessmen.

The same people who pay millions into the Tory coffers every year and have ordered Theresa May that only a Brexit that enriches them further is acceptable.

A remain lorry with so-called lies written on the side is an abomination.

However the letter writers pass no comment on the Brexit Bus and its £350 million ‘pie in the sky’ giant porky.

As a consequence one Blue Labour supporter has stated he is ‘never going to vote Labour again’.

What a sad loss. I’m sure the other near 13 million will miss him.

And who is the chosen front man of this gang of billionaires?

It is reputed to be a near 70-year old MP of 35 years in the same constituency called Jeremy Corbyn aka the ‘Dangerous Hero’.

His cover is not maintained in a high tech building with listening and spying devices but on an ‘allotment’ where he tends to vegetables and makes jam.

Perhaps the billionaires think this is value for money because Corbyn has the same access to Number 10 as the Prime Minister does.

Sadly the only time the so-called racist/anti Semite Corbyn will get near to Downing Street is if he passes it while being escorted by police to the station after being arrested for peacefully demonstrating at some antifascist/ racist/Semite rally.

It is my understanding that all parties are committed to leave but differing on the deal.

If money could talk it would say to the people of the UK ‘heads we win, tails you lose’?