TODAY I visited the new food hall on Birchwood Business Park (Warrington Guardian, March 14).

The design is to be expected, distressed wooden cladding, atmospheric lighting, a mix of rustic and modern materials, large planters and ceiling installations, all to the tune of £850,000.

But who is really paying for this revamped, trendy, ‘bring ya laptop and we will chat over coffee’ hub?

Well in my opinion the user will be via the hiked up prices. I’m all for having a comfortable, inviting place to chat and network or socialise with your work colleagues, but pricing the soup from £1.95 to £2.50 and £5 for a 6in pizza, or £3 for half of one, feels like the business park are feeding their greed.

They had a temporary marquee during the renovation.

So they continued to trade and were not subjected to a loss of earning like other businesses undertaking a renovation.

I believe the idea behind the renaming was a nod to the workforce refuelling.

However I think the business park needs to remember that out of the approximately 6,000 workers visiting the EngineRooms not all of them are in a position to pay their prices.

They don’t appear to have any subsidised options for single parents, or students doing work placements.

Following my visit I have decided to return to bringing my own lunches, which will not only save me money but will probably be healthier and tastier.