IT has been more than two years of talking and still we are nowhere on Brexit, listening to the same arguments on repeat.

One thing I really cannot stomach is the talk of ‘elites’ somehow being in favour of staying in the EU.

This argument was peddled again by A Edwards in last week’s Warrington Guardian.

Is it not the case that there are ‘elites’ on both sides of the debate.

He or she is of course correct to point out those people who are campaigning to reverse the vote.

But what about those at the top of the campaigners to leave?

Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees- Mogg.

Are these men of the people?

I don’t think I have seen either of them at The Halliwell Jones Stadium of the Kings Head.

Neither were educated in a normal comprehensive or have ever had to do a real day’s work.

This is an issue about staying or leaving the EU.

Don’t try to make it a class or elites argument. Because both sides of the debate are run by the political elite.

Maybe one good thing to come from all this will be more power given to the people and some new parties for us to vote for.

That might be something both sides of the debate can agree on.