I WAS reading an article by Aran Dhillon in last week’s Warrington Guardian (March 14), headed ‘Bin Brexit ‘ lorry touring country heads to town’.

It had a picture of the lorry, and blazoned on the side was the message ‘Brexit is rubbish, let’s bin Tory Brexit’.

This further confirmed my letter in the same edition as to what the Best for Britain anti-Brexit campaign was all about.

The hard-core anti-Brexit campaign founded by Gina Miller had asked for funding from all FTSE 100 chief executives, and also other foreign multi-national CEOs, to enable them to mount a last ditch effort at ‘local constituency level’ to try to subvert the the biggest vote in our history.

The sheer fact that all these multinational CEOs are more interested in their personal business empires and what’s best for them does not bother the ‘Best for Britain’ campaign.

They were prepared to go to them for funding to try to persuade Labour voters in Labour towns, including Warrington, to support the rest of the elite establishment in Westminster as they seek to overturn our vote to leave the EU.

The sheer fact that the wording on the lorry says ‘Tory Brexit’ tells you how they are trying to influence – when they are all Tories who are behind the campaign.

At the moment of writing it looks like they are going to succeed.

In the end if the powers that be, ie the MPs and the elites, want to overturn what we the voters voted for on their manifestos as well as the referendum itself, then they are of the opinion that is within their rights to do so.

A bleak day for anyone who believes in our democracy and Parliament when the power of money is used to assert itself over the opinions of the people.

A EDWARDS Fearnhead